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AVR603 is a free Windows and Linux remote network control program for Marantz CR603 or MCR603 CD receivers. This software will also work with other Marantz and Denon products that have a network Ethernet connection.

AVR603 screen shot

To download the software, chose your operating system and required version from the table below.

VersionOperating SystemSupported Devices
 Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 Marantz CR603
 Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 installer Marantz CR603
 Liunx Comming soon

The AVR software is free to use and copy. Please feel free to donate to us if this software meets your needs and allow the software to be developed further.

Installing Software
Download your required file from the table above. Extract the executable from the .zip or .tar file as required and copy the executable to your chosen location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot Connect
Make sure that any firewall has port 23 (telnet) enabled. Check that the device is powered on and not busy. Check you have specified the correct IP address.

Function Not Working
The AVR603 software has been written for the Marantz CR603 CD receiver and has only been tested on this device. However the protocol used is common to most Denon and Marantz devices so most functions will work on other devices.

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